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Best foot fungus product & organic!

organic foot fungus relief

Recently we heard from one of our customers that she shared a few of the products with a friend who suffered from longterm foot fungus and had avoided taking care of his feet for many years.

Maui Bee Well’s medicinal and organic foot fungus solution for extreme foot fungus conditions recommends alternating use of Haole Rot Helper + Fungal FREE Healing Salve, as suggested by owner Jeanette. It works!

Our customer reported back that consistent use of Maui Bee Well salves caused a dramatic improvement in the foot and toe health of her friend.

We are so thrilled! If you have a review for our organic medicine made on Maui, please let us know!

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Testimonial for Fungal Free Salve

testimonial for fungal free salve

April 15, 2019

Hi there,

You probably don’t remember us from the Maui flee market, but we were a family of 4 that purchased a few 2oz pots of healing goodies. We were visiting from Phoenix.

My 11 year old daughter had itchy, bloody bumps on her knees that she consistently has under her volleyball kneepads. She has struggled with this for years. Following your suggestion, we purchased Fungal Free and we are happy to say that her knees are 100% clear.

We also went up to Iao Valley and were so happy with your suggestion to visit it. Beautiful!!

I’m happy we ran into you. Thank you for all of your suggestions! 🙂

Erika Van Valkenburg

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New Products! herbal first aid kits!!!!!

Introducing  Maui Bee Well Island Care first-aid Kit and Family Care First-Aid Kit!!!! 12 different .5 oz salves in all. these kits travel easily and are an essential medicine cabinet go to.

Island Care Kit includes:

Staph Support slave

Haole Rot extra strength anti fungal

Bloodroot Drawing salve

Natural Bug Repellant Balm

Luxury Softening Salve

The Best Ever Honey Lip Balm

Family Care Kit includes:

Comfrey All Purpose Healing Salve

Fungal Free Salve

Luv Butter

Pet’s Healing Salve

Baby’s Healing Salve

Muscle Soothing Salve